Welcome to Cheap Ass Travelers.

Welcome to Cheap Ass Travelers.

Welcome to Cheap Ass Travelers. Welcome to Cheap Ass Travelers.

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Hello I'm Heather! I've had the wanderlust bug my entire life and never traveled much as a child. I always dreamed of far away places as I browsed through our National Geographic  magazines, wondering if I would get to experience some of the places a saw and read about in person ever.  When I became an adult, it was officially the start of my Wanderlust career, and I have been traveling near and far ever since! I originally hail from Minnesota and so far have traveled to almost all 50 states! Just a few more to go! 



Scott is the other half of our duo! He is our thinker and fixer. When stuff breaks, you can bet Scott is trying to fix it to continue our travels. He is also our regular driver as he hates my driving unless he is totally pooped! His nickname around here is Macgyver because he can fix just about anything on the fly... Scott is a loving husband, dad, and veteran of the United States Armed Forces




He is our Co pilot and our regular Pirate in charge. We adopted him as a rescue pup and he's been by our side ever since! A true character, he will let you know when it's time to play eat or poop! And of course... his favorite thing to do... go on a mission

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Join Jules and Scott as they travel through a New World of chaos and danger! Check out the story! Follow along with them in the new book by Heather 

     "Black Hills Rising"

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Luperón, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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