What does your average trip cost for two people?

This varies at times depending on whether we stay at campgrounds, airbnbs, or friends places with the occasional Hotel which we try to avoid at all costs. Our average trip with gasoline, food, stay, and fun usually costs us around $1000 for 1 week of travel but many times we spend less and sometimes more. Our on going goal is to find ways to bring our average cost per trip down so we may enjoy more of them!

Do you always take your dog?

We try to!! Obviously when we travel by motorcycle there is no extra room for Jet but if we can take him, he goes! It is painful for us to leave him behind so we try to keep our motorcycle trips to a couple times a year with one being a longer trip of over a week. He really loves going on trips with us and has become a seasoned traveler!

Where can I find these cheap places to stay!?

We always post places we've stayed on our Links We Love Page! Check them out!

How long does your average trip take?

On the average, our trip away from Jet are about 4-9 days respectively. When we travel by van we go much longer, sometimes a month at a time.

How do you fund your adventures?

Scott and I live very meagerly compared to most people, always thinking about the eye on the prize.... adventure time! We save and skimp throughout the year in various ways as well as own several rental properties that help us get the bills paid so to speak. 

Can we make suggestions on where to stay, eat or have fun?

Of course! We are always looking for a good time and a new place to explore. Send us your thoughts on where you'd like to see us go and we will add it to our bucket list. Can we camp at your place for the night sometime? Give us a shout and we will try to stop and smell the roses with you! We love hearing stories and meeting people from all over!