Gear We Love


Solar Powered -

A solar powered Battery bank and a flashlight, these keep us plugged in and on the go! Try them here!

Solar Power for multiple Use

Need other stuff charged? This battery bank is flexible and has a nice assortment of attachments for whatever needs charging! Try it here! It's called a Goal Zero!

Battery bank for the Long haul

Need to store some of that excess power you are generating from your solar devices? Try a Mophie! They provide multiple charges to keep you going long after the sun is down. Try it here!

Share the Music

I don't know about you but I love Music! I like to take it on the Go while camping and like it to be relatively small. These work great plugged into my iPod! Try them out here!

Renogy or Grape Solar

We have mostly Renogy on our boat and tiny cabin but with the exception of one grape panel that came with our boat. They work great and keep us powered all day and night for free! Harness the power of solar! Can find at your local solar dealer or

Other Awesome Gear - Water

Feel free Kayak

A great versatile kayak that includes a traveling wheel and has an optional seat that is very comfy!

Where's my dog?

Do you take your buddy off leash and want to know where he is? Try a buddy Locator! Check them out here!

Keen Footwear

We love these shoes for their versatility and ruggedness when it counts on the water! Worth every Penny! Find a pair here or at your local shoe store!

Power Convertor

When you need even more power these nicely convert all your 12 Volt outlets to something a little bigger for a household plug in. We don't use this very often but when it's been needed it did come in handy! 

Dry Sack

We Carry all our munchies, cords, and gear in these dry sacks. They work great to keep everything dry!

Wanna see New Gear?

Give us a shout about products that you know about you think we should try for traveling and we will be sure to check it out! We Love trying out new Gear! Feel free to share with us what works for you!

You can shout out to us here for all questions about products we use or give us a recommendation of your own!

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