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Cheap Places on Land

State Park Camping Amnicon Falls State Park WI

Places to stay - State Campgrounds

State campgrounds are by far one of our favorite places to stay and our go to spots. Not only are they usually well maintained with nice facilities but you help support local wildlife and wild areas by paying your park entrance and or camping fee!  We always check State park websites first! Here's a list of all our favorites that we have personally stayed at!

The Dyrt

We randomly encountered this website and it's great! Find reviews of campgrounds nearby and the map version works great to compare to your location and how far you need to go. Try it here!


You've probably heard of Airbnb, but if you haven't you must try it! Take your vacation to the next level by living like a local in a local's house with all the amenities of home. Much better and more private than a hotel, plus you usually have a kitchen to make your own meals which is a huge savings! Another bonus? You can rent homes with bedrooms so that if you have kids or friends accommodating you, you can each have the privacy of your own room while saving renting a home rather than a few rooms at a hotel. Be sure to always read reviews but this is by far better than a hotel! Try it here!


VRBO stands for Vacation Rental by Owner. This is also another site like airbnb where you can rent great vacation homes directly from the owner most times. Again, be sure to always read reviews and also take all reviews with a grain of salt. Not everyone will always be happy so always go with your gut! try it here!

Our Fave State Parks: Midwest




Gooseberry Falls State Park

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

Carly State Park

St Croix State Park

Jay Cooke State Park

Spilt Rock Creek State Park

Hok si la Park

Also the two canoe in sites along the Root River Between Moen Bridge and 250 bridge to Lanesboro. There are two sites on the right half way down!



South Dakota

South Dakota

South Dakota

South Dakota


South Dakota

North Dakota

North Dakota

South Dakota

North Dakota

Our Fave State Parks: Wild West



















Our Fave State Parks: Nor' Easter

New York












New Hampshire


New Hampshire



New Hampshire

Our Fave State Parks: Headed South!


Tomoka  State Park

Myakka River State Park

Cheap Places for Motorcycles


Poopy's Bar in Savannah Illinois

Poopy's Bar in Savannah offers free camping to bikers visiting their bar. Check them out!

Debs Place in Sturgis South Dakota

If you are visiting Sturgis during the rally, we highly recommend this place! They allow you to camp in their yard overnight and use the shower and toilet facilities. Be sure to say hi to Mort! Deb's Place

Cacklebery Campground in New Smyrna Beach Florida

Wether you are in Daytona for Bike week or Biketoberfest, this campground is sure to keep you entertained. The showers could be better but hey... it's a rally... Check them out here!

Buffalo Chip in Sturgis South Dakota

If you are a party animal during the rally, this campground offers live entertainment each night included with your camping fee. All campers must be over 21 to utilize this campground and of course, it's a private campground so clothes are always optional! Ha! Buffalo Chip 

Blue Ridge Mountains

A great place to camp while visiting the Dragon area! North Carolina welcomes you! Blue Ridge Mountains

Find a new Place to camp with your motorcycle!

From sea to shining sea, you'll find motorcycle friendly campgrounds right here!

Cheap Places for Boat

City Marina of Marathon

Mooring Ball .Great Marina, reasonable rates, good facilities, and best of all very friendly people! 

Hansons Harbor

A great place to keep your boat in Lake City Mn on Lake Pepin

Burnt Store Marina, Punta Gorda FL

Nice Marina and facility with nice staff!

More Boats!

Halifax Harbor marina

Nice docks and showers will power wash you in ac. Nice place and friendly staff.

Seven Seas Marina

Great place for a haul out and do it yourself yard! Not many left! Staff is super friendly and accommodating to your haul out needs. They will let you live on your boat while you fix it nut call ahead!

St Augustine City Marina

We were in St Augustine in our travels in November, 2018.  We enjoyed staying in our nations oldest city! We have visited before but never stayed on a boat! It was great! Great place to get a mooring ball or anchor. Clean Facilities and nice staff! Lots to see and do!

International Boat Travel


Bimini, Bahamas

Can't beat the beauty of the Bahamas! Bimini is usually the first stop for most boats traveling to the Bahamas. 

Best things in Bimini:

 Bimini Blue water Marina is a great place to check in to the country and get your bearings set for the rest of the  Bahamas. They even allow dogs!

Be sure to check out the dolphin house, scour the beach for sea glass, and visit Big mike at his stand for some Bahamas style Conch salad. Its Yummy! Plenty of great snorkeling in the area, the town of Bimini is welcoming with it's small town atmosphere.

The Berry Islands

The Berry Islands Bahamas is another great stop in your Bahamas loop. Stop into Great Harbor Cay for some supplies and then onto Soldiers Cay, Hoffman's Cay, and the beautiful secluded Berry islands. Don't forget to check out Hoffmans Blue Hole! It's amazing!

The Exuma Islands Bahamas

The Exumas are pure beauty. From the beautiful turquoise water to the absence of most people and cities as you know it, the Exuma Islands boast beauty beyond what you can imagine.

Stop into Allan's cay to visit the large Iguanas, Staniel cay to visit the famous swimming pigs and sunken planes, as well as Normans cay for snorkeling the sunken Planes. 

Georgetown is a cruisers delight with many amenities geared towards cruisers as well as a cruisers net every morning on Channel 72! Be sure to park and hike around the monument, Honeymoon beach for private beach time as well as stop in at chat and chill for some grub and rum.

Island Boy has great food right next to the market!

Crooked and Acklin Islands

A great secluded place to anchor if you'd like to get away from the masses. Not many cruisers venture farther than Georgetown Harbor but for those that are into adventure, be sure not to miss this Island!

Matthewtown, Great Inagua, Bahamas

Another secluded out island of the Bahamas, this quiet little town doesn't have much but it is quiet and peaceful.

International Boat travel


Dominican Republic

After sailing across the Thorny path to the Dominican Republic, we were pleasantly welcomed to the D.R. in Manzanillo.


A quaint little town on the border of Haiti is where we checked into the Dominican Republic. Check in took a little bit of time but was very easy and welcoming, and the officials were pleasant. There is a decent anchorage here to anchor and do your check in process. The small town was welcoming and friendly locals will help you with anything you ask. Don't want to walk? Take a motoconcho here! Usually about 50 pesos.

Monte Christi

This anchorage was nice although a bit rolly at times, We also had our dingy stolen off the back of our boat here in the middle of night. This town is within floating distance to Haiti. Do your due diligence when stopping here to secure your things, especially your dingy as a few have been stolen in the past as well. Otherwise nice friendly town and the locals were helpful in helping us look for our stolen dingy. Check out the restaurant here by the water. Good food and very nice Owner! 

Punta Rucia

Very small town with beautiful surrounding waters. Good place to anchor and hit the beach and water, just watch out for the reefs! Friendly little town which also hosts day excursions to a small paradise like island by yolk is a great spot to stop and relax. Have Pizza and Scones at Linos.


Cambiaso is not a great overnight anchorage but it's a popular spot for a day sail amongst the local sailors traveling from Luperon as a way to get out sailing for the day to get out of the bay to stretch your hurricane legs.


The Caribbean's best hidey hole during the Hurricane season. You will find a wonderful little town here full of sailors from all over the world. The town is welcoming and very helpful to " gringos" coming in to rest for the hurricane season. Many good businesses here and if you can't find something, all you have to do is ask! Great spot to hang your sails and beautiful protected area from hurricanes.

Our fave places to eat: USA



The Half Barrel Kitchen and Bar < Rochester

The Tap House < Rochester

Dos Amigos < Rochester

Brothers Bar and Grill < Rochester

Forager < Rochester

Bucks Bar < Minnieska

The Bank < Lake City


Bucknuckles < Alma ( Praag)

Nelson Creamery < Nelson


Beaver Bar < Ormond Beach

Iron Horse < Ormond Beach

Ormond Crab stop < Ormond Beach

Grind Gastropub and tiki Bar

Ormond Beach

Beach Bucket < Ormond Beach Shores

Stoneys Crab Shack< Daytona Beach

Jimmy Hula's< Daytona Beach

Tia Cori's Tacos > Daytona Beach

Crabby Joes < Daytona beach Shores

Hulls Seafood Restaurant < Ormond Beach

Ocean Deck < Daytona Beach Shore

Hungry Heffer< Ormond Beach

Pats Riverfront Cafe< Port Orange

Overseas Pub and Grill < Marathon 

Stuffed Pig< Marathon

Island Fish Company and Tiki Bar< Marathon

Sparky's landing< Marathon

Sloppy Joes < Key West


CRays Lobster < Bar Harbor

Hangry? Find a place here!

Yelp is a great place to find a good place to eat. Be sure to take all reviews with a grain of salt and look at the over all reviews as a whole.  We prefer Mom and Pop places and love feasting at these usually small and delicious places! We don't have anything against chain restaurants, we just choose to promote small family run business. Know a place you think we should try? Give us a shout on our contact page with your favorite spot!

Our Favorite places to eat: International


Bahamas Exumas

Island Boi Cafe

Choppy waters

Chat n Chill

Bahamas Berry Islands


Monte Christi

Coco del Mar on the water

Punta rucia

Linos Pizza

La Isabella

One of the many stands of the beach!

Pie de Negro- on top of the mountain


La France

The patio

Pico de pollo next to fresco


Nilsa's cafe next to Wendys

Our Favorite Travel Apps

Boat - Navionics

Boat - Active Captain

Boat - Active Captain

This App is great for boating and Marine! Up to date info with updatable charts within the App

Boat - Active Captain

Boat - Active Captain

Boat - Active Captain

This App has a lot of info within it as well as reviews on Marinas!

Land (RV/ Moto) - Waze

Land (RV/ Moto) - Waze

Land (RV/ Moto) - Waze

This is great for use in big cities and is slowly catching on throughout the country.  It's entirely user based info so obviously the more users, the more up to date info you will find on traffic and where all the [police are hiding!

Recommend an App?

Land (RV/ Moto) - Waze

Land (RV/ Moto) - Waze

Email us to recommend any App you think we should try out and we will review it here!