Our Favorites: Midwest



Home sweet home for us! We hail from Minnesota and have some of the best spots around! From the North shore down to Lanesboro, we've been to almost all of it!



Being our neighbor growing up, they are a favorite of ours for their windy roads and beautiful scenery!



Ah there's nothing like the beauty of the UP. If you haven't experienced, you must!



There's more to Illinois than Chicago! The Mississippi River valley is for sure not one to miss. Don't forget to stop in Savannah and Galena!

South Dakota


From the Black Hills to the prairie, we've traveled these roads in many ways to head west. From little spots no one would know to the best place to stay in Sturgis!

North Dakota


Rolling rolling rolling... keeps those hills a rollin... while it may be flat, there is beauty within if you look..

Our Favorites: Wild West



Oregon has some beautiful country! 



Our favorite spot in this beautiful state is the peninsula! Sequim Bay sports a beautiful park here and HWY 101 is one not to miss!



Besides being just north of Yellowstone, Montana boasts the beautiful Red Lodge area and scenic Bear tooth Pass. Be sure to stop and say hi to the chipmunks! This is definitely Big Sky country with some views that go on for miles!



Wyoming is a beautiful state! Be sure to stop for gas though when the sign says next town 100 miles... it actually means it! This is definitely a place to get truly unplugged... the land of antelope! Sunk Canyon is a great spot on your way to Yellowstone! Be sure to say hi to Auggy in the Blue bus for us!



Estas Park has some spectacular views and their own herd of elk roaming the town. You'll find a cool bunch of shops and restaurants here. Then take a tour down through Nederland and Idaho Springs before heading back to Denver, you won't regret it.



While we've been to LA and find Venice beach pretty cool, nothing compares to the site of a redwood tree... Venice Beach is great for people watching and getting some cool stuff from the local street artists... The redwood forest on another hand is great for tree watching, literally. They make you feel very tiny!

Our Favorites: Nor' Easter

New York


While we've been to the city that never sleeps and found it is a cool place all it's own, the Catskill mountains around the Woodstock area is for sure a place to visit. In between the two tourist hot spots of New York City and Niagara, you'll find a breath of fresh air and beautiful rolling mountains within the Catskills. The Adirondacks are equally as beautiful if you get a chance to ride or drive through them as well..



We've been through here a few times but last time made sure to take our time. Be sure to hit up HWY 6 through the Grand Canyon Area of the east coast. You won't be disappointed at all... except maybe that it is two lane and you may get stuck behind a logging truck... but at least you will have nice views!



What's a trip to Maine with visiting Bar Harbor ( Pronounced Bah Haba by the locals) If you want Lobster there are plenty of mom and Pops places to check out that serve fresh Lobster! We stayed at the Bar Harbor Campground and wow what a view they have. Nice private campsites as well with plenty of room and views.

New Hampshire


Rhode Island




Our Favorites: South South Baby



Clearly we love Daytona as we have vacation home rentals there and for sure I recommend everyone at least once in their life hit up a rally or race in Daytona. The Hippie Biker vibe has always drawn us as well as the great beach! We can't wait to explore more areas of Florida! We will keep you updated!

South Carolina


We really enjoyed Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. We stayed at a friends condo just minutes from the beach and the area was beautiful.

North Carolina


For a more relaxing Carolina vacation we recommend North Carolina. It is much less touristy than it's southern counterpart and the history and architecture are amazing in the old homes. Not many condos here... which is nice!



We hope to travel more in this state and find some more beauty in it and hope it head to Savannah someday. Thus far we have only made it through Atlanta and well..... I'd like some recommendations on here for good places in Georgia to visit!



From Nashville to the Dragon towards North Carolina this state is one of the best we've been to and one of our tops. The people are also really nice and we are hoping to make it to the Jack Daniels distillery someday! Have you been? Give us some pointers!



Hoping to see more of this state but have driven through and it has good sites!

Our Favorites - Bahamas


Bimini, Bahamas

Bimini Bluewater Marina is a great place  to stay at your entrance to the Bahamas. Be sure to visit the Dolphin house! 



The Berry Islands

A great unplugged place to get away from people. Great harbor Cay is a great place to stop! Be sure to check out Hoffmans Blue Hole!


The Exumas

Give customers a reason to do business with you.Lots of great places to visit in the Exumas and they were by  far our favorite group of Islands! 

Our faves: 

Allen cay - home of giant Iguanas

Staniel Cay - Home of the swimming Pigs

Geeorgetown - a great small town with lots of cruisers and things to do! Be sure to check out Chat n chill, hike the monument, and of course enjoy the beautiful