Welcome to Cheap Ass Travelers.

Welcome to Cheap Ass Travelers.

Welcome to Cheap Ass Travelers. Welcome to Cheap Ass Travelers.

Travel by Boat


To sail or not to sail

We choose to sail but however you choose to travel by boat is still fun! We personally love the freedom of less gas!! A sailboat is a great economizer! Interested in learning about sailing? Check out stuff here!

Follow our Nautical Adventures!

We haven't been sailing long and are completely self taught and learning as we go! We try to learn from all our mistakes, take them in stride, and move on knowing we have the same goal in mind, to travel far!

Now sailing: SV Pinta

We started out on a 25' Oday Named "Benevento" in the rural Mississippi town of Lake City, MN. Since then we bought and restored a 1980 Endeavor Plan A 37' Sailboat. We then sailed it all the way around Florida all the way up to daytona and then St Augustine, Fl where we worked on the "Amun-Ra" for almost a year before setting sail to the Bahamas.

Hurricane season was at our heals in summer of 2019, so we headed south and hunkered down in the beautiful Hurricane hole known as Luperon Bay in Dominican Republic. We since have bought a Hurricane Irma damaged boat that we will be restoring from the BVI and "motored it" all the way back to Luperon to fix her up as well as sell the beautiful Amun-Ra.

The new project for us is called "Pinta" and is a 2000 43DS Sun Odyssey.

She needs a lot more work then the Amun-Ra needed but we are up for the challenge!

Our Blue water Goals

Our goal for long term is to truly circumnavigate this big rock we call Earth! Life is short and we want to see and learn new things from people and cultures far and wide. The earth is a big place full of diverse humans and we can't wait to start our journey in meeting some of them along the way!

Liveaboard life

 Follow us as we have finally moved aboard our liveaboard boat! Enjoy all our words of advice from mistakes we've made and learn from things we've accomplished.

Are we Crazy?

MMMMM Maybe? Depends on what you would describe crazy as... we never let people diminish our life goals! Many people have wondered why a boat? and we say... why not!? We can take our home to so many places we have yet to explore... there are so many more places to see in this world before we die. Life is short.... be crazy... in a good way! That is loves and laughs!

Follow us in our Boat adventures