Traveling by Motorcycle


A Fun way to travel

Motorcycles, we have found, are one of the best ways to travel. From the open road, the world seems so much better when you not only take in the sites but the fresh air as well...

Pack Lightly

The biggest issue you will have on a motorcycle is where to put everything!!

Staying in touch

Staying in touch with someone, especially if traveling alone, is essential. Be sure to check weather and road conditions before heading out for the day and prepare yourself for anything.

Keep Safe

Check your local State laws for helmets!

Motorcycle Camping

There are some great spots all over America to camp by motorcycle. Check them out here!

More Motorcycle Camping

Check out these links to find your next destination!

Packing for the moto trip

Pack Light

Many people, especially women, let's face it, have issues with packing light.  There is only so much room on a motorcycle and packing light becomes a challenge to us as we try to " guess" what we would need for every trip. First pick your essentials. These are things you will def need! From toothbrushes to medicine, to cool to warmth. Weather can change dramatically depending on your picked destination. It's important to prioritize what's important and frankly what's not. Then when you've got a pile of what you think you'll need... now fit it all in a small bag to fit on the bike... does it fit?  The best way we have found to pack is by rolling all items into tubes, instead of folding.. fold each item and half and roll it tightly into a " hotdog"... doing this will add extreme room in your bags and you will be able to pack much more than normal folding... what does my bag look like for a week trip?

1. Tootbrush, toothpaste, Meds, brush, body and hair soap, deodorant, extra pony tail holders, sunscreen, bug spray, moisturizer ( I don't bother bringing much makeup on trips, just moisture and chapstick and mascara!)

2. 5 pair of jeans plus the pair I wear

3. 3 sweatshirts plus one I wear

4. 3 tank tops, 7 t shirts plus what I'm wearing

5. Socks! Socks get wet! Be sure to bring extra! at least one for every day gone and 3 extra pair!

6. Underwear.. ya know if you still wear those things...

7. Phone, chargers, cords, laptop if need, camera ( or the one on your phone works fine!)

Stay Charged

There are lots of ways to keep your electronic devices charged. From your lighter to your bag accessories to solar, staying charged and in touch should be a high priority of yours. Should you have road trouble or anything else, your phone could be the lifeline that saves you. 

1. Be sure you have ways to charge your phone daily or nightly, especially if camping. Some camping spots offer electricity while others do not. Also there is not usually power to be found when doing more remote camping.

2. Check out some of our links to some of our favorite products that keep us charged and going!

Road Safety Check

Road safety checks are important before starting on your journey. These are things that are most important to hopefully help you have a nice trip!

1. Check tires. Wear and tear happens quick! Don't get left on the road with a flat or worse yet have a blow out on the road. Almost bald? Threads showing? Change it!

2. Check fluids. Be sure to check oil and give yourself an oil change if need before you go. Even if you don't need one just yet by the time you put a lot of mikes on you will need one again so best to start the trip fresh oiled! How's your tran fluid?

3. Check your lights! No one likes to get pulled over for stupid stuff and this is just one of those things you can prevent by making sure your brake and tail lights are working correctly. if not, you could cause in accident as well by someone not properly seeing you slow down or worse yet rear ending you.

4. Got a loose screw? Don't we all ,but now is the time to diligently go over your screws on your bike and make sure all are properly tightened. Nothing like parts rattling of your bike as you stroll down the highway... and we've finally I think learned this lesson that Motorcycles, especially Harleys, are susceptible to vibrating parts off...

Hotel or camp?

We are definitely campers! We aren't much for hotels but if it's been raining all day, we have taken advantage of a Holiday Inn or two if need.  Whether you are hoteling it or camping greatly affects how you will pack and what.  Staying at a hotel let's you pack a little lighter ( No need for camping equipment, ways to charge electronics, tent etc).  But that will come at a cost! We have found we would rather save our money from a hotel and experience nature and rough it more... the average hotel can cost ( depending on star worthiness) upwards of $65-$200...most camping spots are around $25-40 depending on if you require electricity. A hotel can severely eat your vacation budget within the first couple nights.  If we do plan ahead.. we like to try Airbnb before a hotel always. You usually get great accommodations and get to stay in a great home for less than a hotel.  Be sure to figure out your budget ahead of time if planning to stay in hotels in bigger cities or if an event is happening nearby which drives up the cost of the room. Camping is our favorite! Be sure to check out availability at your local state parks, especially when utilizing on the weekends as popular spots usually fill up quick during that time. It's usually fairly easy to find a camping spot in the middle of the week with it getting harder to find a spot at the end of the week when families are off of work. Be sure to accommodate yourself for that influx of people in campgrounds for the weekend. Also be sure to read reviews on campgrounds, especially if booking at a private facility vs State Parks. All State parks are different and offer different amenities, but across the board are all pretty comparable in terms of what they offer, nice clean rest room shower facilities, and of course when you camp at a state park, you are helping to keep those parks wild and open to the public.  It's always good to put your money towards public land than privatized campgrounds if you can.

Got Friends?

It's always best to let people know about where you will be going and be sure to check in with someone as a contact while you are gone. That way, should anything happen whilst traveling alone, at least one person will know where you are and have your back.  Taking friends is also fun on a trip. Be sure that you all agree on where you are going, a general time line, and talk about how many miles you each would like to put on in a day. Not all riders have the same riding style either. Some people like to motor along quickly and some like to just take it all in and take their time. Be sure the friend or friends who are going are all on the same page on these aspects. It's important to make it a fun productive trip for everyone! On another note, try to keep your group small when riding motorcycle. It gets very hard when you have more than 3 bikes to keep everyone together through lights, exits and interchanges.  When you start adding more bikes... the harder the trip will be as well as the harder all the different opinions will be on where and what to do. I always say, keep your group small and you will benefit in the long haul.  Be sure your friends rides are safety and screw checked... because the last thing you want is someone to break down and stop the trip for everyone over something that could have been prevented to begin with.... sometimes crap happens... and someone will break down.... most important to remember is keeping cool, helping out who is in need as quick as possible so the group can get back on the road and motoring on.

Destination : Lost

Some of the best places we have found was due to our concerted effort to " get lost". You don't always need a specific destination! Pick a place you've never been before and somewhat decide how you are going to get there. We like back roads but they aren't always feasible due to time contraints. Usually we push to get somewhere for a few days and then relax once arriving, knowing how much time we have to meander home afterwards.  We love getting lost and have experienced many a great places just choosing a direction and heading that way.... As long as you have a general direction of where you are headed, sometimes no actual destination is needed at all.  When you go with the flow... so will your trip. Try not to nit pick the details about where you are going to stay... until you get there! We love " winging it" and find it keeps our love adventurous!