Welcome to Cheap Ass Travelers.

Welcome to Cheap Ass Travelers.

Welcome to Cheap Ass Travelers. Welcome to Cheap Ass Travelers.

Travel by Van


Vans are a great way to travel vs driving a costly RV

Besides being great on gas com[ared to a large RV, a van is a great way to travel the country, especially when taking kids or pets.  It allows room for everyone to move around and get comfortable and fits more than two people.  

Stay dry and off the ground

As opposed to tent camping, van camping offers much more in terms of space for packing and sleeping off the ground.  

Keeping up with the Jones'

While the Jones may have a $100k Rv... their gas will likely cost near that as well... Keep in mind before buying a van for camping what the maintenance costs as well as insurance and and gas... Always call around to get best rates with coverage on insurance and plans can vary widely between companies but make sure you are also properly insured should you rear end the guy in the beamer in front of you..

Speaking of gas.....

We like to somewhat plan our budget for our trip using this nice little site. You can enter in your vehicle make and model and where you want to go and get a rough estimate of what your trip will cost you in gas.... keep in mind always budget more than it says... it's simply a guideline to start with... Gas Buddy

Road check

Be sure, just as in taking any vehicle or motorcycle, that your van is in good running order and any issues are taken care of BEFORE you leave. Taking care of minor things wrong now may save you a headache on the road later.. Again, check your tires and fluids and engine for any strange new noises before heading out!

Now it's time to find a place to go!

From coast to coast, America has some of the most beautiful wild places to explore. Check out these links to get where you want to go Camping...